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Mekka Don is a hip-hop artist/songwriter, lawyer, former Ohio State University football player and co-owner of Pilot Boys Clothing.  His music has been featured on MTV, VH1, ESPN, Big Ten Network, Sirius Radio, and many radio stations across the country.  

MTV News said Mekka Don employed "new rules" and that he "found innovative ways to advance his career and make money" through his crowdfunding campaign (where he raised 21K in a month) plus his licensing efforts.  The New York Daily News says, Mekka Don is "bringing change to rap."

Having a background in sports, Mekka Don aims to bring you some of the hottest sports anthems around (in addition to his "mainstream" music).  His music has been licensed by several networks and corporations and the Mekka Don store will provide you with his latest music content and merchandise at an affordable cost.

"The Dream Goes On," Mekka Don's debut album, has been called "inspirational" and "amazing" by both MTV and The Source Magazine. 

"Juice", "Let's Go (O-H-I-O)", "Undisputed", "Zone 6" and "Go Nuts",are all officially licensed Ohio State University anthems with "Juice" being the official football anthem that plays at every home game.

"Rock For My Browns (Dawg Pound) is an officially licensed Cleveland Browns anthem.

In addition to music, Mekka Don pushes positive messages and is active with the youth. Through Pilot Boys, Mekka Don encourages leadership, global thinking, and being the "pilot" of your own life. "Be You. YOU is Fly."

Mekka Don is originally from Columbus, OH and now splits his time between Columbus, New York City, and Houston, Texas.

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