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Grime and Glory (Book by Mekka Don) Signed!

“Grime and Glory” is a fiction novel written by Emeka Onyejekwe (aka Mekka Don) that revolves around his experiences as a college scholar-athlete at The Ohio State University.  Order your signed copy today! FREE shipping!

Grime and Glory is a contemporary drama centered around a love relationship and the struggles of a young Black athlete, Darius Prophet.  Through Darius' relationships, experiences, and emotions, he is depicted as a superstar in the limelight as well as a regular human being with his own set of trials and tribulations.  Through his journey in Grime and Glory, the reader will see why those who climb higher may fall harder!

Specs: 150 page paperback book 


"This book really hits home! It reminds me vividly of my glory days in college. Grime and Glory is a great inspiration for people from all different walks of life because it deals with so many issues that we can all relate to." -Drew Carter, former NFL Player

"Grime and Glory is a suspenseful roller coaster that takes unexpected turns. A truly well thought out book!" -Mercedes Scelba-Shorte, America's Next Top Model Runner Up

"Grime and Glory is a must read! As an athlete, I can really appreciate this book because it destroys many myths that are associated with athletes." -Ricky Bryant, former Super Bowl Champion



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